Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life's Better with Butter

In my life I've had few friendships that have really stuck.  I am not really in contact with any of my friends from High School. Sure there are a few that I am connected with through Facebook, and there are a few that still mean a lot to me because of the memories we share, but I've not done what I should to maintain those relationships.
Joel and I have lived in many places in the 14 years we have been married. Beside occasional Christmas card, I am only in contact with one person (whom I love with all my heart) from those 6 or so different locales. Together we made friends while we were in those places, but the relationships (save for the one) just didn't stick once we left the area.
Even from my years at Western Washington University I left with only one friend who I still see on a semi-regular basis and that isn't even as often as either of us would like.
I've struggled with this from time to time, wondering what I've done to not get deeper in relationship with those around me. I know that I tend to talk too much, listen too little and guard my heart with sarcasm and humor. Joel has really helped refine me helping me realize the need to slow down and listen to others rather than always having a story to tell. He is the master listener. However, like me, he doesn't have many deep friendships from the past. I have chalked that up to him being a guy.
These past 7 years we have lived in Burlington, WA. I love living here. I love being a B-E Tiger and getting involved in this community and the amazing people who live here. However, what I have loved the most about living here is making friends. Burlington has blessed me with incredible friendships. One of the best is my friend Karrie. She is an amazingly gifted encouragement. Hilariously light hearted yet deeply passionate, her heart for others and gift of hospitality is remarkable. Thankfully, Karrie has decided to become a blogger...her decision to blog is the only real reason I came out of blog retirement. I wanted to introduce her to you (which is quite possibly no one since I never write here and haven't really told very many people this blog even exists! :)). Her blog Life's Better with Butter is sure to whet not only your appetite for delicious (and beautiful) baked goods, but also your heart with encouraging and witty wisdom. I know you'll enjoy it and her as much as I do.