Friday, March 25, 2011

Here I go again...

So it's been approximately 14 years since I've travelled this path.  And to tell you the gosh darn truth (Is there supposed to be commas between gosh and darn... are they considered adjectives in this sentence?.. yes I think so) gosh, darn truth I wasn't all that good at it the first time..  I'm headed back to school.  Western Washington University Part Deux.

Already as frantic as a balloon whose air is quickly escaping, why should I  not take on an additional challenge and opportunity??  One as intense as say, Grad School!!?  But I really believe that I am up for the task.  I am excited to take the helmet by the horns (Western's mascot is the vikings after all).

I started this degree 14 years ago, only to find myself pregnant, which totally explained why after a triple latte I kept falling fast asleep in class.  At that time Joel and I both agreed that I should put my education on hold and focus on being a mom.  Wow.. I was so focused it took me 14 years to get back around to it!  Well 14 years, at least 6 moves, Joel's masters degree and then subsequent career change, a few jobs, a lot of laughs,  oh and 2 additional kids... It was a very focused 14 years!

With much trepidation, (as much as if I was jumping off that proverbial bridge my mom kept telling me about) I am about to embark on this journey.  My biggest trepidation is the dust cloud of chaos I am going to be leaving in my wake.  At least currently in my own chaotic world, I am the master at making everything click.  For the most part, the kids get to where they are supposed to be within at least 5 or so minutes of them having to be there... they are typically fed, bathed at least once a week, and occasionally do their homework.  The business/ministry I run both makes money and helps people at the same time,  (most of the time anyway - thanks to my awesome staff) and my house is live-able... (Sure, if you're ever in the need for a dog-hair wig I could sweep for you - who needs slippers! - just kidding) (I actually just made myself chuckle).  I even volunteer at my kids school from time to time (Secretary of the PTA!! woot woot) and am in a few groups at church..  and I even manage to have time left for a great group of friends.

So... friends (or should I say Karrie, since I know you're the only one who reads this) I am afraid my life is going to look more like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown.  A constant state of chaos and out of control crazy, that in the earnestness of trying to gain my upper level education, will burden and barrage the rest of my life.  I am prayerful that my kids, friendships and oh, husband, don't get lost in the middle of the dust storm of my future goals and ambitions.   I really do expect that in the end it will be a win/win for's just the two years of bedlam that it will take to get us there.  I want to say thank you in advance to those who will have to patient with me as they try to find me in the midst of the pandemonium...  Especially to my husband... Thank you for not only allowing me, but for encouraging me (he gave me a backpack full of school supplies for valentines day) down this journey. So here I go again...thankfully, unlike White Snake, not on my own.